Sunday, 4 August 2019

Jesus Respected TAPU In People Tika Pono Aroha


              We have been learning about how Jesus respected the TAPU (Sacredness) of people.
Jesus spoke to the woman at the well when he shouldn't have because she was not a Jew and she was also a woman. He showed respect and love and compassion to her. I show Aroha when I include people to my game when they have no one to play with.          When people have a fight or get bullied I stand up for them and make friends with new people.       I show Tika,Pono and Aroha when I listen to my teacher and care about the children at my              I show Tika when I confess my sins and do the right thing every day. I listen at the right time.
 I learned from Jesus that even though people are not the same skin colour or culture but you still have to be nice and kind to them, and one day you'll make friends!

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