Thursday, 18 June 2020

The Winter Tree and The Summer Tree

The Winter Tree
I am exhausted and bare because all my leaves have
 I feel ignored because birds don’t keep me company and I am lonely.
I am cold and it gets even colder when I sway around.
All the flowers are dead, I feel dead too.
I really don't like Winter..

I'm looking forward to Spring so I will feel cheerful and respected again because my leaves have grown back. 
All the little birds will come chirping their song happily.
When I sway my branches the wind sways with me like I am dancing to the music of the birds.
My flowers will bloom again and the bees pollinate to make honey!

Sunday, 8 December 2019

My Collaborative Creature

A few weeks ago we all made a creature.To make the creature you have to fold it in threes.The
owner of the creature has to draw  head of any animal and fold it in.Then it goes on three times until you reach the third one.Then you unfold it to see what your creature looks like.This is what my one looks like.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On Wednesday 13th of November our whole school went to Sylvia Park because we were going to the movies to see our awesome videos that our school made.

First, we got into our houses and the big people chose the little people. Two houses got on one bus, I got paired up with Mikaela, my friend.

We got on a bus because it was a little bit far away.
It was very loud when we all got inside but also very warm.
We all had to go toilet before the movies and have a drink of water too.

The three schools who showed their movies in our screening were Panmure Bridge School, Tamaki Collage and Point England as well as our own school. We watched 23 movies altogether.  My favorite was Cave Man Rap and the Class site movie.

It was the best day ever! I loved all the 23 movies, they all made me laugh and smile.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Real or Fake?

The Bird Of The Year

Congratulations to the Hoiho for the Bird of the year for New Zealand 2019.

Today Mrs Collins told us about the bird of the year. The Hoiho likes to eat silverside, sprat , aruhu and red cod.

Facts of the Hoiho:
 The Hoiho bird is on the five dollar note.
 The Hoiho bird is only found in the South Island.
 The Hoiho bird is harvested to extinction by the Maori people.
 The Hoiho bird is the biggest bird.
 The Hoiho bird can live up to twenty years.
 The Hoiho bird is one of the rare and special birds. 
 They are almost extinct.

Here are some photos of the Hoiho.