Monday, 2 September 2019

Nicky's Visit from ASB

                                               Nicky's Visit from ASB
Today Nicky came to our class to teach us how to save money. We were very lucky. We need to plan now for our future because she told us,"If I say money you say Save!" Nicky wrote on the board G W Y W P, means Get What You Want, Plan. Nicky told us,"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I want to to be a singer because I always sing at my house when I am bored and I am using my tablet. Cash also means Clear goal, Action, Save and How long. Nicky told
this story to us, this story was real. One day there was a little boy who was a very good rugby player, and then they announced that there was going to be a trip. But the boy's parents couldn't afford the trip, because they didn't have the money for it. But he told his neighbours that he could put their trash out.He had 10 neighbours and he put the trash out for four weeks every Tuesday. And this is how much he saved - $200.00!
We did a brain storm of ways to earn money. My group was with Mikaela, Nino, Julio and Erich. We wanted to do sell. Julio and Nino were the shop keepers,and they were selling their old toys for $10.00 dollars. And if we put our money in the bank we will get 'interest' and we will have more money.
There were two boys and they wanted to save up for a car, Student 1 put his savings in a money box, and the 2 Student kept his savings in the New Zealand bank.A few days later, Student 3 wanted to save up for a car too, and he put his savings under his bed. Months later when they were teenagers, Student 3 has $2,166, Student 2 has $4,860 and Student 1 has $4,860. But Student 1 actually has $5,725 because the bank gave him interest. So he bought a new car!

This is Nicky.She is on the left.

We are sitting listening to her.She is teaching us about money.