Tuesday, 19 March 2019

St Patrick's day - By Jamie

On Monday, after our learning, we went outside to listen to Miss Bullot tell us our teams. Finally she called my name and my bestie Nicole too. The first game was hockey and hoops. When it was Nicole's turn I said,"Whoo go girl!"

After all of those fun and exiting games I felt tired and sweaty. Miss Bullot told us to say thank you to the leaders and she handed us ice blocks to eat!

 It was the best day ever!

Sunday, 10 March 2019

All about me 2019

My name is Jamie.  I am Filipino.My School is called St Patrick’s.  I am 7 years old,in my family there is my Mum, my Dad and my little brother,he is 5 years old and I love them very much.

I am smart at Reading, Math and Spelling.  I am good at being a great Sister to my little brother. I enjoy Science.  My challenge is sport, especially running.  My goal is to get better at Art.

 I am inspired by my whole family because they are fun to be with. People should read my blog because I am going to post interesting stories about my learning.