Monday, 16 October 2017

Going To The Botanical Garden

In the holidays my family and I went to the Botanical garden for a picnic.  It was a sunny day.  We took food with us, my pink scooter and my brother's blue balancing bike.  My brother is only 3 years old so he needs a balancing bike.

First, when we got to the Botanical garden we found a perfect spot to have our picnic.  Then my Dad put a blanket on the grass for us to have our picnic.  Before having our picnic I rode my scooter on the footpath and my brother rode his bike.  I got tired riding my scooter but it was fun.

Next we had our picnic.  My Mum had put our picnic food together.  We ate carrots, biscuits and mandarins and some lollies.  We had water to drink.  It was a great picnic.
After that we went home.

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